The new PET to PET imagefilm

The new PET to PET image film was presented to the guests at PET to PET's 15th anniversary celebration on 23 September in Müllendorf.

Produced by Elise Film, the image film shows the journey a properly recycled PET bottle takes and how it arrives at our recycling plant in Müllendorf.

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PET to PET GmbH celebrates anniversary in Burgenland

• Numerous guests from politics and business congratulate the Burgenland showcase company
• For 15 years, PET to PET has been continuously expanding its facilities and optimising its recycling process
• Over 1 billion or 30,000 tonnes of PET bottles are recycled annually
• 325,000 tonnes of PET material successfully kept in the resource cycle since commissioning in 2007

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Open Day on 23 September 2022

PET to PET celebrates its 15th anniversary and invites you to an open day on 23 September 2022.

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Half-year results 2022: PET to PET reaches new record with over 15,000 tonnes of recycled PET material

• 15,131 tons of PET beverage bottles were successfully returned to the resource cycle in the first half of the year - an increase of 5.3% compared to pre-crisis levels
• The average recyclate content of beverage bottles used in Austria at well over 30% is already far above the European target value for 2030
• Site expansion revealed exciting archaeological finds from the Bronze Age
• PET to PET management expanded - Thomas Billes is the new CFO

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PET to PET annual balance 2021: Previous year's level maintained despite pandemic

More than 27,300 t of PET material passed through the recycling loop last year. Despite corona-related restrictions, processing volumes were maintained at a similar level to the previous year (2020: 28,200 t) and a 14% increase in sales was achieved. Further investments are planned for 2022: PET to PET Recycling Österreich GmbH intends to expand its land area by approximately 19,000 m² to create additional storage or handling space. In addition, the Burgenland-based company, which already operates its facilities with 100% renewable energy, would like to supply them in the future partly via its own photovoltaic system.

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PET recyclate for Salzburg social project

As part of a social project, sustainable PET recyclate was used in an unusual way to fill stuffed animals. They were made by pupils of the Hallein Fashion School to support children with special needs in Salzburg. The resulting turtles, whales and bats are thus sustainable on all levels and promote the self-perception of children with impairments such as autism.

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PET to PET half-year results: over 14,000 tonnes of PET beverage bottles recycled

Müllendorf, 06.08.2021 - PET to PET Recycling Österreich GmbH has drawn up a successful interim balance for the year 2021: 14,048 tonnes of high-quality PET beverage bottles were kept in the resource cycle - despite difficult conditions caused by the Corona pandemic. An increase in production is also expected for the second half of the year. Therefore, the showcase company continues to invest in optimising the plant and already plans the next expansion steps.

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Video: schauTV looks behind the scenes in Müllendorf

Recycling doesn't stop. Despite the crisis, PET to PET has continued to invest in the expansion of the recycling plant. This made it possible to keep more than 28,000 tonnes of PET material in the recycling loop in 2020. During a visit to Müllendorf, schauTV took a look behind the scenes.

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