Recycling-Rekord für PET to PET: 17.700 Tonnen im ersten Halbjahr 2023

• 17,755 t of PET beverage bottles were successfully returned to the resource cycle in the first half of the year - an increase of more than 17 percent compared to the previous year
• PET to PET is currently building a PV plant in Müllendorf with an area of 6,400 m² and an output of 1,200 kWp
• Minimum recycling quota from 2025 already fulfilled today thanks to the Austrian bottle-to-bottle cycle

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New recycling record: 1.3 billion bottles processed

Despite numerous challenges, PET to PET Recycling Österreich GmbH in Müllendorf has recorded a new recycling record for 2022: 32,900 t of PET material from around 1.3 billion bottles were successfully kept in the bottle-to-bottle cycle. This corresponds to a 20% increase in the volume processed compared to the previous year (2021: 27,300 t). In 2023, the company is continuing to focus on renewable energy and is installing a 6,400-square-meter PV system with an output of 1.2 MWp on the roof of its storage areas.

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The new PET to PET imagefilm

The new PET to PET image film was presented to the guests at PET to PET's 15th anniversary celebration on 23 September in Müllendorf.

Produced by Elise Film, the image film shows the journey a properly recycled PET bottle takes and how it arrives at our recycling plant in Müllendorf.

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